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Corporate Meditation

Whether your company has 10 people or 10,000 people, having a meditation program can bring about many positive changes that improve the workplace and increase the company’s success.

Corporate Meditation Programs Can Help Employees:

  • Manage stress
  • Improve their immune system
  • Increase focus and concentration
  • Increase overall mental wellbeing
  • Increase happiness and productivity
  • Expand their capacity for creativity
  • Achieve higher attendance rates

Reiki Brillance offers on-site meditation sessions for groups of 4 and above at your company or organization. The length of the meditations can be customized to be anywhere from 15 minutes up to an hour. Our meditation facilitators are available throughout the day and even at the early hours of second shifts. We will work hand in hand in developing and managing reports focused on: employee satisfaction, work performance, management, increased sales, etc., throughout the duration of the program.

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Corporate Reiki Wellness Program for Optimum Performance™

Reiki is a powerful and effective way to help you and your employees de-stress and relax. Many corporations are starting to realize how stress in the workplace is affecting their businesses and creating stress-related illnesses in their employees.

Benefits of Having a Corporate Reiki Wellness Program:

  • Boost productivity and efficiency
  • Reduce employee sick days and turnover rates
  • Contribute to higher morale in the workplace
  • Saves your business money in the long run

Reiki Brillance provides our balancing and relaxation services to large corporate environments so that employees can experience higher levels of wellbeing. We have seen firsthand how executives and staff who were stressed out became more centered and calm after our short and convenient sessions.

Our services are extremely convenient and affordable and we travel to your office or business event to provide relaxation services for your team. Reiki does not require any preparation and the client stays fully clothed. We use a state-of-the-art zero gravity chairs that take up very little space so multiple sessions could take place in a spare conference or meeting room. We design our sessions so that they are fast and efficient and they can take place during a lunch break or even a standard 15 minute break, suiting your busy schedule.

Contact us to learn more about our Meditation and Corporate Reiki Programs and to schedule an appointment.

"Stress accounts for $26 billion in medical and disability payments and $95 billion in lost productivity per year. Over 50% of lost work days are stress related which keeps about 1 million people per day from attending work."

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"75% to 90% of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress-related complaints, up to 80% of on-the-job accidents are stress-related and 40% of job turnover is due to stress."
American Institute of Stress