Experience the Power
of a Reiki Session

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a type of BioEnergy therapy that helps promote wellness and relaxation while gently balancing the body and mind. This simple, non-invasive, and versatile method triggers the body’s natural healing abilities and improves and maintains the health and well-being of the mind and body. It is understood that during times of stress and illness, energy that flows through the body can become depleted, blocked, and unbalanced. Reiki can help release blockages and rebalance that energy.

The medical profession has recently been examining new methods of wellness and healing, with increased interest in complementary methods. A recent study estimates that over one million adults in the United States have received one or more energy healing sessions such as Reiki and that number is growing exponentially. A USA Today article reported that in 2007, over 800 U.S. hospitals offered Reiki as a regular part of patient services and more hospitals are beginning to include Reiki as patient demand for complementary care increases.

Reiki Brillance provides distance Reiki Sessions as well as Reiki packages for corporate wellness.


How Can Reiki Help Me?

Benefits of Reiki

  • Can help you feel more centered and rejuvenated
  • Can restore the body’s natural ability to heal itself
  • Can aid the body to relieve stress and reduce tension
  • Can support your immune system
  • Can reduce pain
  • Can help you sleep better
  • And much more…